Welcome. The Sustainable Development Scorecard is a means of assessing a development's contribution to the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainable development, as defined by the National Planning Policy Framework.

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How do you use the Scorecard? Security & Privacy Back

The Scorecard has been created specifically to be easy to use for everyone, you will be taken through the tool step by step with guidance provided throughout.

During the first stage of the Scorecard you will be asked a series of ‘wayfinder’ questions – these ‘wayfinder’ questions tailor the Scorecard and ensure that the statements you will be presented with are relevant to the scheme being tested (e.g. if the scheme to be tested concerns town centre retail you will not be asked about mineral extraction).

The responses you provide should be guided as far as possible by objective scheme information. The Scorecard is a user-led tool and the user is encouraged to make an educated judgement for those statements which are unable to be answered empirically. Additionally, if relevant scheme information is not available (such as an outline scheme) the process of completing the Scorecard becomes more ‘commitment’ based e.g. the proposal will commit to providing a sufficient amount of employment space to justify the relevant economic question being strongly agreed with. However, if you feel that the statement isn't relevant to your proposals, you can select 'Not Applicable'. Your score will not be penalised if you do this, but you should try to provide reasons why the statement isn't relevant in the notes section.

The whole process should take about an hour to complete and you will need scheme details to hand throughout.

Once all statements have been completed your results will be displayed. You will also have the option to return to your assessment at a later stage. To view and save your results you will be required to enter some details including name, email address and affiliated group or company (if applicable). Note that potentially sensitive information relating to the project will only be accessible to you, or those you chose to share it with. Information relating to the type of development and the final scores may be recorded. These details help us monitor the use of the Scorecard and track sustainable development credentials of projects throughout the country, please see the ‘Principles and terms of use’ tab for all relevant terms and conditions and data protection legislation.

You also have the option of sharing your assessment with the Sustainable Development Commission. If you select this option, the Scorecard team will also receive an email containing your results, after which they may get in contact for more details.

Through wide-spread use of this tool, it is hoped that planning decisions will start to become more objective, transparent and consistent, and a wider, more blanket understanding of sustainable development will begin to emerge.

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